June 14, 2024

A Progressive Art of War

How an ancient text applies to modern progressive campaigns.

A Progressive Art of War applies a modern understanding of politics and social movements to Sun Tzu’s ancient Art of War, revealing an understanding of strategy relevant to progressive movement leaders today.

Substitute the word “politics” for “war.” We fight over words and ideas seeking to shape public perception. In democracies, we wage campaigns to move voters and government officials to act. A Progressive Art of War speaks to issues such as solidarity, tactics, resources, strategy and risk. Its insights on conflict apply to elections and advocacy campaigns happening everyday.

This is not scholarly discussion of Sun Tzu, nor a rendering of The Art of War into a how-to manual. It is a sharing of how his work frames the reader’s understanding of campaigns. A Progressive Art of War connects modern political and social activism to the ancient text, showing its application to today’s political battlefield and exploring challenges campaigns face from an enduring perspective.

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